About Us

About Us

We are a team of fun-loving enthusiasts on an exciting journey to rejuvenate and redefine the world of toys. Kingini® explores new horizons and possibilities by incepting traditional toys into the toy ecosystem. Our traditional toys are designed and embossed to enkindle growth and brain development in children. Kingini® wooden toys can improve creativity and imaginations in kids by reflecting our traditions and core values. Backed with scientific researches and innovations, our toy kits enable children to design and develop their own custom toys and structures thereby, stimulating confidence, creativity, and development in kids. All our products are children-friendly, Eco-friendly, and non-hazardous in providing a safe and joyful experience to kids.

Explaining the tradition, background, and science behind each toy will help children to appreciate the core value of things around them in terms of usability, purpose, and usefulness.This educational approach inculcates a joyful way of learning and being successful in academics such as history, geography, science, mathematics, and so on. In addition to academics, our toys improve general intelligence, competence, and healthy competition with peers.


Wooden Toys For Children
Non-Chemical Organic Wooden Toys

Embrace the nature and traditions to innovate with a human touch.


 Unleashing the Joy of happiness in children through high-quality and Eco-friendly traditional wooden toys.


Redefining learning and development through traditional and cultural values.


By adapting and using our products, customers and children time travels back to leverage effective traditional approaches of learning and development.

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