Wooden Tik Tik Rattle - Black
Wooden Tik Tik Rattle - Black
Wooden Tik Tik Rattle - Black
Wooden Tik Tik Rattle-2
Wooden Tik Tik...

Wooden Tik Tik...


  • Hand made wooden toy
  • Hand & Eye Co-ordination
  • Sound Recognition
  • Attention Span Building
  • Color & Shape Recognition
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The tik tik toys are one of the favorite toys for small kids, especially kids below 3 years of age. The unique sound that comes out when you shake the Kingini® tik tik toy draws infant’s attention. Playing with tik tik toys improves visual and hearing abilities in kids. The toy also improves brain coordination when toddlers see the toy and listen to the sounds at the same time.

Want a toy that is safe, engaging, and energizing for your kid? Kingini® Tik Tik would be the ideal choice!

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 4.5 cm
Ideal For

Boys & Girls

Age Group

12 To 36 Months

Safety Features

Non-toxic organic vegetable dyes used for coloring